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Aluminium Canopies are your preferred suppliers and manufacturers of aluminium canopies servicing Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Our aluminium canopies are custom made, and whether you are looking to get one for personal use or for professional uses, we can manufacture them according to your needs and your preference.

We specialise in Custom Built Aluminium Canopies for Off-Road and 4x4 bakkies in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We can make aluminium canopies for these make of cars: Hilux, Isuzu, Toyota, land Rover, Nissan and many more.

Our Aluminium-Canopies company have many years of experience in the manufacturing of canopies, and over the years we have perfected our manufacturing process.

Our canopies are sought after by people and companies who are looking for high quality canopies for their 4x4 bakkies and off road vehicles.

Because we are so confident in our canopies, they all come with a guarantee of 5 years, and should something happen to your canopy that was no fault of yours, we will gladly fix it, or replace it. .

Aluminium Canopies Johannesburg & Pretoria for Off-Road and 4x4 Bakkies!

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Aluminium Canopies in Johannesburg and Pretoria *

* Aluminium Canopies for Off-Road and 4x4 Bakkies, and we service Johannesburg and Pretoria

Aluminium Canopies Johannesburg & Pretoria

Aluminium canopies have been around for a long time. They are becoming the basic need of almost every off-road vehicle owner. Canopies are used for many different purposes and they come in many different shapes. Different canopies style may appear to be almost same, yet they are boundlessly unique in both quality and strength.

Aluminium is a well-known metal utilized for the production of canopies. It is a lightweight metal that is dependable for a very long time, stylishly satisfying and as a reward it is recyclable, making it eco-friendly as well.

There are a wide range of grades of aluminium alloy accessible in the market. These grades have diverse properties, because of their substance make up. The quality, formability and finishing vary that can be selected from grade to grade. The knowledge of this is vital so that the correct aluminium is picked for your canopy.

Aluminium is a very durable material so it does not get rusty and the other great benefit of aluminium is that it looks new for a very long time. This is particularly helpful in moist regions or amid wet seasons.

The reason for using canopy in your vehicle is to keep your things protected and secure from robbery and many other dangers. Aluminium canopies are perfect for this as they are very solid and strong. Your things will be protected from all kinds of climate conditions and shielded from criminals.

Aluminium canopies look flawless and very professional. They can be utilized for both business and private use as they are very versatile. There are many companies now that offer custom made canopies that provide you exact product you are looking for your vehicle. These custom made canopies are not only stylish but also gives you an opportunity to select its different part materials according to your needs.

Picking the right canopy for your vehicle can be an overwhelming thing as there are such a large number of various items to look over and, while picking an item, you may likewise get yourself confronted with significantly more decisions to make; for instance, the design of the canopy, it's size, and some other things that are immensely essential components to consider, alongside the perfect color of your desired canopy.

Some of the main features of good aluminium canopies to look for are:

• They have UV protective covers

• They should have solid shatter proof windows

• They should also have aluminium window frames which are far better than rubber flames

• They should have roof rails or roof racks

• They should have extension inside roof for different accessories

You can put one, two or three doors in your canopy according to your needs. A good aluminium canopy should not weigh more than 80 kg. A heavy canopy can put lots of pressure on your vehicle tires and engine which is not good.

Why Choose Aluminium Canopies?

Benefits of Aluminium and Why to Choose Aluminium Canopies over Steel Canopies

One of the top advantage of aluminium is that it is long lasting and does not corrode or rust. When it comes to steel canopies, they are painted to slow down corrosion no matter whichever good brand`s paint is used, the material underneath it still rusts. Once you bought it, you will have to keep on repainting them time by time. Aluminium canopies goes for approximately six to seven years and shows no sign of wear and tear during this period of time at least.

Another plus point of aluminium is that it is light in weight and much easier to install than the steel. Although aluminium canopies do have additional structures and features for increased durability but still they are too light in weight as most of canopy systems are installed with no heavy equipment but lightest ones.

This is especially beneficial for your 4x4. Also, we focus on keeping the price maximum low and the installations within the canopies as simple as possible but reliable and durable ones.

The structural members of aluminium are finished in advance by our extruders before the making of the canopy. We do receive such questions from our customer`s side that will the top of the canopy be of the same color as the color of the bottom of it. The reason behind such questions is as sheet metal is usually not painted on both of its sides as manufacturers usually fear that this will make the finished canopy look cheap. Don t worry you will face no such issue so stopping worrying regarding that.

Moreover, the parts we make of aluminium canopies are finished ones on all exposed sides. So no matter from which side you analyze the canopy you will find all of its side of the same type and giving proper finishing look but not rough one. This will make your 4x4 look safer and durable wit added benefit of more space for people or any other stuff.

Conclusively, from great style to strong protection, a well-made aluminium canopy gives you satisfaction and peace of mind. If you are looking for aluminium canopies in South Africa, get in touch with us today!

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